Errors in Microsoft’s Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is a video game console device that is capable of installing games in them similar to that of a computer. The console is so specially designed such that the operation is similar to that of a PC. The console has a similar electronic component that you can see in a PC and also a separate graphical processing unit to enhance the graphics of the games which cannot be seen in ordinary PC. Users need to have a separate graphical processing unit to enhance the graphics and to have a good gaming experience in case of a PC. Now this console which came with many features is now suffering from hardware problem. This came to be a shock for all the users of the Xbox 360 device as it was the latest model and was only introduced few days before.


The console is showing some kind of red lights in the power ring while the game is being played. The device is designed to show error signs through means of these lights only. When there is a problem in the console, it could indicate the exact error and the kind of error that happened by means of an error message. The error system in the console is named as the red light errors and each error will be invoked only if that particular error takes place. Generally, the errors are named after the number of lights that are seen when the error arises. The red light errors that are present in the Xbox 360 console are the single red light error, two, three and four red lights error. Now it was found that the console is affected by the three red lights error as users complained that they see three red lights error. The problem now is that the users cannot find the exact reason for the error. When this error occurred it just showed the error message as E74 and users cannot understand that. And also this error is an error that occurs that often in the console.


Hardware experts found reason for the occurrence of the three red lights error as the cooling problems in the hardware. The console has two main processors which are central processing unit and the graphical processing unit. These units have individual heat sinks to cool the surrounding air and to help in continuous operation of the motherboard. But now the problem is that the developed heat is much above the limit than the expected limit and because of that the heat affects the performance of the electronic components and also even leads to the restart of the console.


Now solutions are available to solve the three red light error. The error can be solved by providing additional cooling to the system. The simplest method of doing is to remove the X clamps that are seen below the motherboard. These clamps actually support the heat sinks above the motherboard. But now they are directly fixed to the motherboard. Hence the air from the surrounding environment flows into the console through this manual ventilator and helps in cooling the motherboard from the downward direction. Thus the repair becomes simple and economical and also saves your time in repairing the console.

By Master