Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix – Discover the Only 3 Ways to Repair Your Console and Start Gaming Again!

We’ve all suffered it so many times – Xbox 360 and it’s 3 flashing red lights!  This error is known to effect approximately a third of all consoles at one time or another. The 3 red lights occur due to heating and hardware problems. By your unit heating up the soldering may become lose, which in turn can damage the graphical processor.

So if your Xbox 360 has 3 red lights and you need a fix, you have 3 different options to choose from:-

– You can return your unit back to Microsoft for repair. As long as you are in warranty this should be free. However, you need to be aware that many people are reporting that they are without their console for up to 3 months. Additionally if you have no warranty, you can expect to be charged $140 plus shipping fees by MIcrosoft.

– Your next option to fix the Xbox 360 3 red lights is to find a local repair store. However, if time is of the essence, then this may not be your best option. You can expect to be parted from your Xbox 360 for over a month and you will charged up to $100 to get it fixed!

– Your final and what is currently proving to be the most popular option is to fix it yourself! OK, i know you think you need some technical knowledge! Well, it just so happens that there has been a huge influx of repair guides over the past few years. Always complete your research first to find the best guide for you. The majority will help you fix the 3 red light error and give you a wealth of information for future use!

Beware that any guide you use, does not recommend the towel trick This appears to be an internet myth that has surfaced in recent years. The majority of problems caused by Xbox 360 is due to over heating. Someone, somewhere decided that wrapping a towel around your console would fix the heating problem. However, this so called “fix” can cause you a lot more problems and even set your console on fire and damage it beyond repair! 

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