How to Repair E74 Error in 3 Easy Ways! E74 Error Has Never Been This Easy to Repair

You have three options. The very first one is to bring your Xbox 360 to a service center if you do not know how to repair E74 error yourself. Since Xbox 360 is by Microsoft, the most trusted repair center you can go to is the official service center of Microsoft itself. They repair Xbox consoles for free for as long as the unit is still covered with warranty.

However, once a warranty expires, you will find out that Microsoft charges quite an expensive amount for repairs. This is because you will shoulder the cost of shipping and handling fees. Microsoft has a centralized repair center where all Xbox units to be serviced are shipped. After fixing the problem, your console will then be shipped back to a drop point center nearest you. It is both a costly and time consuming process.

If you are one of those who do not like to spend for repairs, and do not like to wait for a month before getting back your console, you can always learn how to repair E74 error by yourself. There are many methods proven effective, one of which is known as the towel trick.

Thus, the towel trick is your second option. To do this, you need a damp towel. Wrap it in your Xbox while making sure your console is turned off and unplugged. Why is this done? This is because E74 error is mainly an overheating problem. A damp towel will help absorb heat from the console to facilitate the cooling process.

Another thing you can do is to open the hardware and make sure that the solders are still intact. Solders keep electric components in place. Sometimes, due to overheating, these solders melt and cause electric components to move or be displaced. It can cause serious damage to the console if this continues. If you know how to solder, you can just do this yourself.

If you are unsure about the second option, your last resort is to buy a repair manual. This is a written guide of what to do when Xbox errors occur. These repair guides were written by Xbox experts, usually people who used to work for Microsoft, or people who simply have a thorough knowledge about electronic repairs. They offer easy to follow instructions on how to repair E74 error in just about an hour.

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