Xbox 360 is Better Than the PS3

The Xbox 360 and PS3 are both gaming consoles that have taken the gaming arena by storm. While Xbox 360 is the successor of Xbox and is manufactured by Microsoft, PS3, also known as PlayStation 3 is the successor of PS2 and is manufactured by Sony. Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 are masters in their own areas, however there are certain features in Xbozx360 that makes it win over Sony’s PS3. In this article we have put together some of the features that make the Xbo360 a much better gaming console than PS3.

Availability of Games

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was launched much earlier than Sony’s PS3, giving it an edge over the PS3 in terms of the number of games that were developed and that are available to gaming fans all over the world. There are close to 676 games available to Xbox360 users all over the world out of which 117 games are exclusive only to Xbox, 559 games are multiplatform games and 75 games are exclusive only to Xbox 360 console. The PS3 has only 607 games out of which only 9 games are exclusive to the PS3 console. This clearly indicates that users of the Xbox360 have access to more exclusive games that they can enjoy.


The Xbox 260 250 GB console retails for just $285 where as the PS3 250 GB gaming console retails for a whopping $429. The PS3 with its exorbitant price range remains inaccessible to a majority of gaming enthusiasts who are on a tight budget whereas the Xbox360 which retails at a mere $285 is something that attracts a huge chunk of gaming enthusiasts. Thus Microsoft’s 360 scores over Sony’s PS3 with respect to the pricing thus making it better than the PS3.


For people who are very particular about the clarity of the game and the gaming consoles abilities to handle complex graphics, the 360 will satisfy all your needs here. The X-box 360 with the Xenos graphic processing unit is able to churn out better graphical experiences than the PS3 with the RSX graphical processing unit. The Xbox 360’s graphical processing unit also offers multithreading and a balanced design on the screen. Apart from the other features of Xbox 360’s graphical processing unit like programmable vertex fetching, full rate texture fetching in the vertex shader, automatic shader load balancing, memory export features and other features of the Xenos graphic processing unit of Xbox360 makes it a superior product.


Microsoft’s 360 offers its users a total of 278.4 GB per second system bandwidth while the PS3 offers only a total of 48 GB per second. This means Xbox 360 offers you better performance in comparison to its counterpart, the PS3 which is very important for avid gamers and thus making the Xbox 360 a clear must buy.

These are some features that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has that make it win over its competitor clearly the PS3 from Sony Computer Entertainment.

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