Xbox 360 Repair Guides Q & A

The purpose of this article is to cover some of the many questions you might have about performing your own repairs to your Xbox 360 with an Xbox 360 repair guide.

Q: What is an Xbox 360 repair guide?

A: An Xbox 360 repair guide is an information product that will take you step by step through the repair process of fixing your Xbox 360.

Q: What is included in the guide?

A: A high quality Xbox 360 repair guide will come with step by step instruction for fixing any one of your Xbox 360 errors. The best repair guides also come with instructional videos so you can follow along and complete your Xbox 360 fix without fumbling through difficult to understand instructions.

Q: Why would anyone purchase an Xbox 360 repair guide anyway?

A: When your Xbox 360 breaks down you will quickly realize that your options are limited. If your warrantee hasn’t expired you can return your Xbox 360 to Microsoft and they will fix it for you. Although this doesn’t cost much, other than shipping and handling, you will lose access to your Xbox 360 for 6-8 weeks. If your warrantee has expired, Microsoft will still perform the repair, however, they will charge you $140.00 and again, you will also lose access to your console for 6-8 weeks. Because of these less than desirable options, Xbox 360 repair guides have emerged as the preferable method of repairing Xbox 360 errors. They offer a fast fix to your problem at a considerably lower price.

Q: How much do they cost?

A: Prices range depending on the quality of the product you purchase, however as a general rule you can purchase a very high quality guide for only $25-$30.

Q: What Xbox 360 errors can an Xbox 360 repair guide help me fix?

A: Xbox 360 repair guides will fix all different type of Xbox 360 error. While some Xbox 360 repair guides might market themselves as a repair guide for a specific type of error, the best guides will still come with instructions for how to fix all types of errors. Among others, these repair guides will help fix errors such as 1 red light error, 2 red light error, the red ring of death, E74 error along with general hardware malfunctioning and overheating.

Q: How do I know which Xbox 360 repair to buy?

A: There are a few good review sites on the net that provide informative reviews of the top Xbox 360 repair guides. Regardless of the Xbox 360 repair guide you select, make sure that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee, instructional videos and falls within the $25-$30 price range.

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