Why the Xbox 360 RRoD is Scaring Potential Buyers To Buy the PS3 Instead!

There are *TONS* of rivalries out there! I can name tons of the top of my head.. literally. Magic vs. Bird, Lakers vs. Celtics, Yankees vs. Red Sox, Bloods vs. Crips.. the list just goes on and on! Even in gaming there is! “PS3 is better than Xbox”.. “Xbox is better than PS3”.. “PSP is better than DSi”.. and it goes on from there!

However, let us pay close attention towards the PS3 vs. Xbox 360 rivalry.

These are two of the “big boys” of the gaming industry, from two big named companies themselves–Sony and Microsoft! For a few years now they have made a statement with these two systems, only to have Sony have their bigger straw at the moment. I tip my hat off to Sony for making such a great product!

The Xbox 360 is actually a great product, personally I like it better than the PS3. The sexiness, the power, the great games, you name it! However, there are so negative factors of it. The power is great.. but it’s loud and annoying. It’s a great energy waster! Those are just some of the factors.

The ONE thing that people tend to look at gaming is.. durability. Yes, Sony has been known for the PS2 being a very durable system and now they trust that the PS3 is (and it is!). Moving on the Xbox.. The original Xbox was quite durable itself, however the Xbox 360 has been to have what is called “The Red Ring Of Death”.

If you don’t know what the “The Red Ring Of Death” (RRoD is the abbreviation), its basically 3-4 flashing red lights that tell you that your Xbox 360 is not going to work.. UNTIL your fix it once again.

That’s why PS3 is getting better and better in their sales! It’s kinda like.. a domino effect! Since the PS3 doesn’t really have a “known” deadly function in their system to scare away customers, more buyers are looking their direction. More buyers mean more gamers. More gamers means more and more buyers and it cycles on and on!

I beg to differ with this marketing strategy, but the Xbox 360 is still getting substantial amounts of buyers, even though it is tagged with “Might include Red Ring Of Death.” in its price tag.

This could be another reason why consumers believe that the PS3 is better than the Xbox 360 because they look at the durability factors.

There IS a loophole to this “RRoD” delimma. Just a few tips can literally dramatically increase your Xbox 360’s life span!

Here a few quick and easy tips you can implement 5-10 minutes from now!

CLEAN! CLEAN! CLEAAAAN!Make sure your room is not messy so dustmites will form!

Keep your Xbox as high off the ground as possible!

HORIZONTALis better!

If you implement all of these tips (recommended), you’re on your way to increasing your Xbox 360’s life dramatically!

I hoped you enjoyed this little read!

Those tips are not ALL the important ones. There are much more awesomer/better tips and myths!

By Master