Xbox 360 Repair Guide For You to Remove a Game Stuck

If your game had stuck to your Xbox 360 system, what would you do? Before thinking of ripping it off and throwing it away, read on to know the Xbox 360 Repair Guide for a game stuck. Bringing your Xbox 360 to Microsoft and let it be repaired will cost at least $150. If you want to save that amount then learn how to get your game unstuck.

The common trick will be unplugging the power by allowing it to rest itself. Try to plug it in within a few minutes. If it doesn’t help at all try to unplug it again. This has always been the first step and the safest step when encountering problems of your game.

If you are unfortunate and it really didn’t work out then you need to pay attention to these step by step Xbox 360 Repair guide. Remove the face plate on the console using a thick paper clip and straighten out one end. From there you will see small holes under the DVD player and one hole from the right.

The next thing depends in the specific drive of your Xbox 360. Find a small hole underneath on the right part of your Xbox 360 while opening the plate if you are having a Toshiba or Samsung DVD drive. Push it using a straightened paper clip until it heat its gear. The gear must be spun from left to right. Do it carefully until it moves.

On the other hand, poke the first hole on the left if you have a Hitachi DVD drive. Just like the steps above, push it using a straightened paper clip until it heats the gear. Spin it from left to right until you feel it moves. Remember not to push too hard as it can damage your Xbox 360 for real.

From there, you will be able to pull it slightly to help it open as soon as the tray starts to eject. There would be no problem to remove it. Now, you have save $150 by simply following Xbox 360 Repair Guide.

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