Connect Your Xbox 360 to the Internet – Wired LAN, Wireless Wi-Fi, or Internet Connection Sharing

Microsoft wants the Xbox 360 to be the center of your living room where you can do all sorts of things with your HDTV such as play the hottest new games with advanced graphics engines and watch HD video content. You can use the gaming console to access files in PCs as long as you let it join the same network the other computers are in.

Xbox 360 has plenty of Internet features including Xbox LIVE which is basically a network of millions of gamers around the world that want to play cooperatively or competitively while sharing achievements, scores, and even downloadable titles. There are three ways you can connect to the Internet.

Wired Connection

1. Take an Ethernet cable and plug it in the back of the Xbox 360. Plug the other end of the cable to an available jack on the router or directly to a modem if you do not have a router.

2. Turn on your Xbox 360 and go to “My Xbox.” choose “System Settings” and go to “Network Settings.” Choose the “Text Xbox LIVE Connection” option and choose “Yes” to allow the service to update your console’s software. If this finishes successfully, you should have no problems with using the Internet.

Wireless Connection

1. For old Xbox 360 owners, connect the Wireless Networking Adapter to the console. Skip this step if you have the slimmer Xbox 360 model and want to connect wirelessly.

2. Head to the “System Settings” option from the “My Xbox” screen and then go to “Network Settings.” Find the network name that matches the router with Internet access that you wish to connect to. Ask the person who set up the wireless router if you are unsure which one you need to connect to. If you cannot find the name, select “Specify Unlisted Network” and type in the name yourself. The person who set up the router should know the name.

3. Input the wireless network password if prompted. You also need to contact the administrator or individual that set up the router if you do not know the password.

4. Wait for the Xbox 360 to connect to the Internet and choose the “Yes” option to allow the console to download the latest update from Microsoft’s servers. You should end up in Xbox LIVE afterwards which shows that your Internet properly works.

Internet Connection Sharing

1. Turn on the computer or laptop that is using the Internet so you can share the connection with your Xbox 360. Click the Start menu type “” on the search box. Type this in the “Run” dialog if you are using Windows XP.

2. Right-click the connection icon that is hooked up to your router (usually the wireless connection). Click the “Sharing” tab and tick the first two checkboxes.

3. Now that your wireless connection is actively sharing, plug your Xbox 360 into the vacant Ethernet jack.

4. Go to “My Xbox” on your Xbox 360 console and go to “System Settings” followed by “Network Settings.” Choose “Wired Network” if prompted and then go to “Additional Settings”. Choose “Restore to Factory defaults” and choose “Test Xbox LIVE Connection” to see if you have Internet connectivity.

By Master