Positive and Negative Aspects of Xbox 360

When buying game consoles, you have to be careful in choosing which one you would spend your money on. Regardless if you are going to give it to your kid as a gift or if you intend to play with it on your own, make sure that you are really able to choose the right one.

Xbox 360 has been getting a lot of praises from gamers and critiques. A lot of people have used and reviewed Microsoft Xbox 360 to dig deeper as to what the positive and negative aspects of this game console are. Let us also take a look at the Xbox 360.

On the aesthetic aspect, the Microsoft Xbox 360 has a smoother and more sleek design which compared to other gaming devices or gadget. This is a big advantage for Xbox 360 because gaming these days is not just for kids but also for the kids at heart. So, having a great aesthetic design makes it attractive even for the more matured ones because they can put it in their homes without having to deal with the cluttered look. Another thing that makes it more appealing is the fact that Xbox is 17% smaller than its closest competitor created by other companies. It also has a power button which is touch- sensitive making in less hassle to turn it on and off. The Xbox 360 is also Wi-Fi ready so you can connect to the web when you want to. It also has a 250 GB hard drive which allows you save over thousands of games. Best of all it has a great audio because of its digital audio which is also a built-in.

When it comes to the negative aspect, there are just a few things that users and gamers have been complaining about. First, as much as a lot of people are fascinated with the touch sensitive power button, other people do not appreciate it because it can be a bit fragile. If the Xbox 360 is used by kids, who are not exactly the most careful gamers, it can be damaged easily. It also frequently messes up the disk especially during the loading time. The slightest shake can make the game loading go wrong. It also has the tendency to overheat especially if it is used for long hours. When it overheats, the system will just hang and will not function well.

So, before buying your very own Xbox 360, check out all these aspects first to make sure that this gaming console is really what you want.

By Master