Bust the Myths and Copy Xbox 360 Games

The fact that Xbox 360 games can be copied has been gaining immense popularity among gaming freaks but there are still many myths regarding the same casting doubt and confusion in people’s minds. Let us tackle these myths one by one and cast away any doubt about how to copy Xbox 360 games.

The first myth is that making backups of original video games is an illegal process. This is entirely false; there is nothing illegal about making duplicates of your original game CD since you have already spent precious money purchasing it from the company. You are simply creating backups to preserve your original CD from damage or theft and having to spend big bucks over and over again. It becomes illegal to copy Xbox 360 games only if your intention is to commercialize the whole thing and make it a business to sell these duplicates in the market.

The second myth surrounding this process is that you need to be a computer expert to create or copy Xbox 360 games. This is also false as copying these games is highly simplified process which even a child can perform if equipped with the necessary tools. All that you need to create backups is the right and compatible game copying software which can do almost the entire job for you. Making game duplicates were not possible till now because of the copyright protection codes that were present on every original Xbox game but now this software can break these codes and enable us to copy all the game files from the original CD to your computer system.

Another myth is that it is a very expensive procedure to copy Xbox 360 games. The fact is that to create hundreds of backups, you only need to make an initial investment purchasing the game copying software. The best thing to do is to buy the application from a certified vendor who can provide you with an authentication certificate or else you could get cheated with some software package which can never do the job for you. Remember this initial investment can help you save thousands of dollars in the long run.

The last myth is that it is not possible to play these copied games on your console. It is indeed possible to play duplicate games if you install a Mod chip on your Xbox but this has to be done by an expert since there is a lot of soldering work involved.

So, there you have all the myths busted about how to copy Xbox 360 games. Stop fretting and equip yourself with the latest version of the game copying software and make copies to your hearts content.

Summary – There have been a lot of myths regarding the process of how to copy Xbox 360 games. But most of them are false and have been guiding people the wrong way. It is legal and extremely simple to create backups of any original game provided you have the right software. Also, a Mod chip installed on the console can help you play these copied games without a worry.

By Master