The 2 Things You Need to Fix E74 Error Yourself – Permanently Fix the E74 by Yourself

The Xbox 360 console is remarkable gaming system and when it comes to graphics and sound quality the Xbox 360 separates itself from it’s competition. However, the Xbox 360 has quite a few console glitches which will leave any serious gamer frustrated.

One of the most frustrating and common console glitches gamers have to deal with is the E74 error. Thankfully you can quickly fix this E74 error by yourself without spending a lot of money. Before you start fixing this error it’s important you know what causes this problem so you can have a better understanding when you fix it.

So What Causes This E74 Errror On The Xbox 360 Console?

In most cases the E74 error is caused by overheating. You see, when Microsoft made the Xbox 360 console they made the cooling system small so they could fit the DVD drive inside the console. This small cooling system isn’t enough to keep your game system cool when you have been playing it for a while. Your Xbox 360 system will eventually overheat to the point where an internal damage will occur.

This internal damage includes the GPU inside your motherboard getting knocked out of place. This is one of the series of things that happen which leads to the E74 error.

Thankfully you can very easily and quickly fix this error on your own. To fix the E74 error by yourself you are going to have to get inside your console because this is where the problem is occurring. Once inside your console you have to put the GPU inside your motherboard back into it’s proper place.

To accomplish this repair by yourself you are going to need two things. These two things you’re going to need is a quality instruction guide that will show you how to get inside your console to make the proper repairs and you are also going to need about 60 minutes of your time. Once you have these two things you will be able to successfully fix the E74 error yourself.

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