Fix Xbox 360 Red Light Error Problems – Red Rings of Death

The first Xbox 360 was launched in later half of 2005 worldwide with many changes within the motherboard and it is the advanced version of the previous Xbox console. Xbox came with different type of motherboards such as zypher, xenon, and falcon. These were developed with latest advanced technology, but however every latest technology may come with a bug. The xenon is one of the latest types of motherboard which comes with an error report, red light errors. However, this drawback is somewhat rectified and improved in later versions with advance technology in Central Processing Unit and Graphical Processing Unit. The processing units are capable of performing high speed processes and give the best graphical effects. Even though, this motherboards is still facing some problems, as user complains about the overheating and occurrence of the red light errors in the power ring.

XBOX 360 Motherboard The latest versions of Xbox 360 motherboard have two processing units namely Central Processing Unit and Graphical Processing Unit. Every motherboard has heat sink. The heat sink is used to cool the processor. In addition, it comes with storage space with extending capability. All the features were improved with latest technology and well interfaced with other devices. To indicate the status of operation, the power ring consists of lights for indication.

Reason for Overheating The overheating of the processor is due to the lack of air flow to the cabinet. The Xbox 360, didn’t come with proper ventilation, thus the heat generated by the board and chips resides in the console and raises the temperature of the processor. This causes severe damage to the processor, and leads to some errors. The error is indicated in the sign of red light in power ring. It all happens because of the bad hardware design. It clearly points out that, no proper ventilation and less free space in the cabinet leads to the problem. Thus many of the experts say the only way to solve this problem is to reconstruct the cabinet with better convenient design. Thus by providing enough cooling fans and cooling sinks and good air ventilation. this overheating problem, also called as Red Ring of Death (RRoD), can be fixed.

Solution This problem can be solved easily by repairing the console on your own. All you need to do is, remove the Xclamp from the motherboard so that enough air can flow in to the console from the bottom and it will cool your console. This process of repairing is very easy and can be done by anyone.  It requires very simple tools; moreover it can be done within a couple of hours and you can start playing games in your console in few hours.

By Master