Xbox – The Controller

The world of gaming is fun and thrilling. As we look at the two of the giants of the gaming world, PlayStation and Xbox, we get to know that both of them are consistently improving their products. Both of these giants have made a lot of controllers for gaming. Today we take a look at the basic controllers of the Xbox 360. Controllers, as we all know, is one of the most vital and intricate parts of any gaming platform. The first time you purchase an Xbox 360, you are provided with and Xbox 360 basic controller but you have the option to purchase more controllers and with greater functionality, if you want to. Now if you want to ease yourself in the game play you have the option to buy a wireless controller. This offers more mobility during the game play and offers a range of up to 30 feet from the gaming has and has a battery life of around 40 hours, if they are fully charged. This wireless controller uses two AA size batteries and clearly indicates when the batteries are needed to be charged so that you can plug the controller in to the charger.

As we look further in the qualities of the controller provided with an Xbox 360, they also have an option to be plugged in to a headset. This is very useful when you want to communicate in the game play with other players. You will be able to give commands, playing in a team, and work better to reach your goals. The other most exciting feature that is provided by the Xbox 360 controller is Vibration. This vibration is connected to certain events in a game and gives the players a true experience of the game by making the game play more realistic. Most often these vibrations are connected with explosions and the battles that occur in the Xbox 360 controller is one of the most vital components of an Xbox 360 gaming platform. All the buttons are on the finger tips and the whole unit is really easy to use. It incorporates game play in to physical reactions hence providing the players with full experience of the game.

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