How to Fix Xbox 360 Ring of Death – Commonly Occurring Errors in Xbox 360 and Their Solution

I know that you love games and you also love your Xbox 360 and I also know that you hate those 3 red lights which are appearing on your Xbox 360 console. These red lights making a ring type shape are the most annoying problems which happen to a Xbox. Since these red lights have a ring type structure and they don’t disappear automatically unless or until you get your Xbox 360 repaired, this error is given a name “Xbox 360 ring of death.”

I know you are curious to ask the question “how to fix Xbox 360 ring of death”? Well good news for you is that I have a solution for this problem. In fact I have two solutions but I prefer one solution out of these two. If you were to ask someone who has knowledge about the Xbox 360 and you wanted to know how to fix Xbox 360 ring of death? More that likely they would also give you the same answer and tell you the same solution I’m going to give you.

Before we go ahead and discover how to fix Xbox 360 ring of death. It is very important to know the reason of this error. Many of the consoles which are sold today are having the same problem and it is due to a manufacturer’s flaw. Some old editions had this problem in a high ratio but the new editions are having less complains. This is great but there are still complaints about errors and people are still wondering how to fix Xbox 360 ring of death.

Basically the Xbox 360 console is designed in such a way that it traps heat soon after you start playing, especially when you are playing games for a long period of time this is when you will end up with the red rings.

The first solution you can do is to send your Xbox to Microsoft for repairing. If your Xbox is still under warranty then they will charge you only a shipping fee but if there is no warranty left then they will also charge you a repairing fee of $140. You will get your Xbox 360 back after 8 weeks time. I know that this is a long time to wait but you have no other option when you decide to send it to Microsoft.

2nd solution method is using your own skills and house hold tools to repair your Xbox. For this you will need a repairing guide You can use the repair guide and fix your Xbox yourself. In most cases this can be done in under one hour and a lot less that 140 bucks.

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