Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix – You Can Do it Yourself!

If you are a serious Xbox 360 gamer, you have heard of the dreaded red ring of death. To fix this problem can seem like a tedious task but with the right set of guides and instructions you can in fact do it yourself.

The thing about this problem is that it has been global now for quite sometime, so you would expect to see some good guides out there to show you how to go about getting this problem sorted out once and for all. In reality though how many websites have you seen that show you in detail how to go about fixing your Xbox 360. Yes, I am sure a lot of you have heard of the so called “towel trick” that sells for around a dollar and will promise to have you gaming again in a couple of hours. Believe me when I tell you that this will only work as a short term solution. How do I know? because I have tried it.

To fix the red ring of death problem you need a detailed video guide. These video tutorials will show you how to get rid of this problem using only ordinary household tools and how you will be up and running again in 2 hours or less that is guaranteed. These types of tutorials are quite easy to come by if you know where to look. After failing to fix my Xbox using the towel trick I contacted a friend who told me that he had the same problem a few Months ago and he could refer me to a website where you are given fantastic video tutorials on how to do this yourself.

By Master