Learn About Xbox 360 Red Light, Error 0102

Xbox 360 error 0102, red light (also known as red ring of death) etc. are some of the most common terms used in the world of Xbox which refers to different types of Xbox errors. The biggest drawback of being the owner of an Xbox is these consoles are pretty much sensitive to overheating, which is the main reason of most kind of Xbox errors.

Explaining Xbox 360 0102 error

Xbox 360 0102 error refers to the problems that involves the RAM, CPU and GPU of the console. When the system fails to drive out the heat generated by the machine then the overheating can damage the soldering between the motherboard and CPU, GPU or RAM. This is when error 0102 appears in a console.

What does RLOD means?

RLOD or red light of death refers to the led lights around the power button of an Xbox which in normal conditions blinks in green. There are some particular situations where these green lights around the power button may turn into red which is not a problem itself but is an indication that something is not right with the console.

Going for an RLOD fixOption 1: Microsoft Repair Center

Now in most cases you might need to go for an rlod fix when the problem seems to be a serious one. But before going for an Xbox 360 red light fix, first check out the status of your warranty. If your machine is still covered by the warranty then the best thing would be to send the console back to Microsoft since their repair center will get that Xbox 360 0102 error or red ring of death fixed for free. But if the console is not covered by the warranty then you might have to think about some other options since Microsoft charges a very high service fee for repairing warranty expired machines.

Going for an RLOD fixOption 2: Self fix

Considering the fact that a warranty wont cover your console forever and one fine morning you can find your Xbox with the terrifying red ring of death when it is no longer covered by that warranty, it is important to have a clear idea about how you can get an RLOD fix for that console without paying $150 to Microsoft. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of gamers available now who successfully fixed their consoles through the “self-fix” method.

The whole idea of this particular method is, fixing your broken Xbox all by yourself by following the directions of a repair manual. There are top quality Xbox repair guides available in the market that you can purchase online which wont cost you more than 20 bucks. So why would you spend $150 to fix that Xbox 360 0102 or rrlod error when you can get it done without paying a dime to a professional repairer?

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