Electricians play a very important role in society that is vital to public health and safety, with these requirements, employment opportunities for a qualified electrician as the UK population rises, recently estimated to be at 77 million by 2020 look very good indeed.
One way to achieve the electrical qualifications needed for a rewarding and potentially profitable career in the electrical industry is to undertake an intensive electrical training course. These particular courses are offered throughout the UK and offer a range of qualifications and certificates. The most commonly undertook are City and Guilds 2382 and 2392.
Intensive electrical training courses are designed to give course attendees the right qualifications and understanding in the shortest amount of time. This allows them to make sure electrical graduates can cope with the majority of the domestic market electrician work whilst also being understanding of the current building and safety regulations.
These courses include all the practical hands on training that you require as a beginner as well as recognisable qualifications that will allow you to apply for Competent Person status after you have graduated from the electrical training course.
Qualified electricians work in a variety of areas with public or private organisations and so the nature of the work depends on their experience or training. This can involve general maintenance or inspecting and testing installation of equipment. Their work can be performed indoors and out and electricians can be expected to work alone or as part of a team. Electricians can form part of the general paid workforce, or be work on a contractual basis, or be self-employed.
Expected wages can vary according to qualifications and experience of the electrician, they can be estimated currently to be an average basic wage of A�17,000 increasing to around Advantages And Disadvantages Of Insulators A�23,000 or more for an experienced electrician. Many electricians also work on a self employed basis – where income would depend on the number jobs undertaken at anyone time.
It may be possible to progress further to a supervisory position or management depending on the Screwdrivers Electrician individual’s commitment to enhancing their professional development through further training.

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