If you choose to become an electrician you will be ensured of job security as it is a fast growing industry with a high demand for qualified people. There is a constant demand for these tradesmen as there is always the need for construction, maintenance and repairs of electrical services. It is an ever-changing profession as there is continual technological advances, therefore electricians need to be flexible and up date their skills. It is rewarding and comes with an attractive salary. It is a challenging job and requires a variety of skills. There are many aspects to the job and many tasks to keep the job stimulating. Electricians also work out in the field so their days are varied as they move to different work sites.
An apprenticeship is one way to achieve your goal of becoming an electrician. There are different apprenticeships available, which include a course in Electro-technology Systems or Engineering in Electrical/Electronic Trade. As an apprentice you will work for a qualified electrician and also study at a training organisation, such as a TAFE. An apprenticeship will last between three to five years and involves undertaking all the College Engineering Projects duties of an electrician, including reading electrical blueprints, connecting wires and undertaking repairs. You will learn about safety procedures as well as engineering basics. Once your education is complete you work towards gaining a license, but first you need to gain some practical experience. Another avenue to becoming an electrician is to work for a qualified electrician while completing a course via correspondence.
Once you have finished your course and obtained a license you may choose to specialise, therefore your learning process will continue. You may choose to specialise in construction, which will involve reading blueprints, or maintenance, where you will be concerned with safety and repairs of faulty wiring and electrical services. You can work with telephone lines, computer lines, have a job repairing elevators or be a specialist in other areas that involve the use of electricity.
You can expect to earn a decent salary as an electrician, especially if you run your own business. Your earnings will depend on a number of factors, such as experience, the type of job and the level of your license. Where you are based can also determine your salary and what type of projects you undertake. If you specialise in a certain area your level of wage can also increase.
A career On Demand Electrician
Becoming an electrician will not just give you a job but a challenging and rewarding career. There are opportunities for job growth through specialising and participating in continued education, as well as it being an industry that will continually evolve as there are advances in technology. There is also the option of going out on your own and starting your own business. Running your own business is extremely rewarding and you will gain a variety of other skills. Your wage earning capacity will increase and you may even go on to hire an apprentice of your own.

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