There are several reasons why it is better to hire a Master Electrician as opposed to just a Journeyman Electrician.
But, first of all – what are these designations and how do electricians get them?
In order to maintain a certain degree of competency in the industry, non-governmental organizations regulating an occupation for the government, provide certain requirements that a career electrician must have to operate in the business.
This usually entails a mixture of schooling from a recognized and approved institution for several weeks a year and on-the-job work experience with a registered company with a Master Electrician at the helm for the remainder of the year.
Provided the candidate is consistent with working, attending this school and passing annual exams, they can gain levels of competency recognized by all in the industry.
For instance, if a candidate works consistently with a firm for one year and attends the proper school for a couple of weeks and passes a test, they will then have the designation of ‘1st Year Apprentice’.
Universally recognized as an increase in abilities and experience, this usually means an Journeyman Electrician License Florida in increase in wages and the potential for employment with other firms for the student.
Also, a student with these qualifications can become a member of the local electricians’ union – which then can widen the opportunities for more jobs and career enhancement.
The same goes for the 2nd and 3rd year, where the designations can mean even more financial and employment opportunities for the student.
Upon working a fourth year and passing the schooling at the end of that time, one can become a full-fledged Journeyman Electrician, the usually desired designation of most in the industry, earning the wages commensurate with that level.
An electrical company may be seeking a 3rd year apprentice because they know the candidate will have a goodly amount of experience, theory and skills. They may hire him or her because they know they will not have to be supervised as much, if at all.
Because an increase in pay is expected at higher qualifications, the company benefits from paying the lower 3rd year wage instead of hiring a fully qualified journeyman electrician.
Paradoxically, this system of competency cannot assure either an electrical company or a customer will get competency in the individual hired for a job.
This is not news as this is the case in every human endeavour. There are some who are simply better and much better, than others. The same goes for bad and the worst.
As a customer, it is best to check references and testimonials from people who are happy with either the company or a particular electrician.
The Master Electrician license is a far stiffer qualification to obtain and more respected in the industry. Indeed, by the rules and regulations governing the electrical industry, a Master must be watching over the quality of work in any given electrical company.
Therefore a company advertising to do electrical work must have a Master on staff or as an owner who is ultimately responsible for the work in your home. Even a Journeyman Electrician cannot run a business of his own without a master electrician accepting quality-of-work responsibilities for the company.
If there is bad work or dangerous work completed by the company, the master’s license is on the line.
Whereas any apprentice level or even journeyman electrician responsible for the shoddy work may be reprimanded, it is the master electrician that can suffer the most loss as a result of this work; even on a job site he wasn’t anywhere near.
In addition to almost having to know everything about the devices, equipment and skills required to any specific job, they must know and keep abreast of existing and new rules and regulations in the Canadian Electrical Codes to maintain their status.
They are going to make absolutely sure the Recruiting Electricians work in your home is the best you can get.
Certainly, if they were to be on a job site doing the work themselves, they could easily be 100% sure the work is done correctly.
It is obvious then to have a master electrician working in your home instead of a journeyman electrician. You will have a far more experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and responsible individual doing the work for you.

By Master