Best Xbox 360 E74 Fix Guide to Teach You How to Get Rid of Xbox 360 E74 Error Without Any Hassle

I think most of the fellow gamers are like me, love to play video games at night either after whole day of dreading work or boring classes. Everyday after college, I definitely will soak into either online surfing or playing video games to release the stress accumulated whole day long. This wonderful life end out of the blue when I saw that my black out screen flashing with that scary code – “E74 Error”. That’s the end of my gaming world I thought.

I was panic and do not really know what to do with this Xbox 360 E74 error. I contacted Microsoft and they instruct me to send my console back to their service center for the service. I then asked how long should I wait for my console to come back, and the answer was a depressing 6-10 weeks depend on the situation and condition. It was such a unbearable duration of waiting, hence I decided to solve it myself. I search online for the Xbox 360 E74 fix tips and advices. There is one simple solution which is to replace my AV cable because this Xbox 360 E74 code indicate the AV cable problem. I thought that I am able to make it but in the end it disappoint me, though many people do able to resolve E74 problem by changing the cable, but it was not my case.

After several nights of crazy searching, finally I come across a solution which proven to be effective, it is a guide that solve most of the case Xbox 360 3 Red Rings of Death problem for many of the fellow gamers, but it also provide the solution for E74, and it was my savior. With this guide, I do not need to worry anything about Red Ring of Light/Death because it covers all the solution for these annoying errors. So, before I share my personal most recommended Xbox fix guide to you all who need it, I would like to share some of the information I obtained while I searching for E74 solution before.

Before you perform any troubleshooting or checking, please be kindly reminded to take out the game disk form the Xbox console because you might destroy your game by scratching it incidentally. To be frank, I mess up at this stage please do not repeat my blunder.

Okay, lets get started.

1) Unplug the cables one by one, plug them back firmly to check whether they are previously too loose to cause the problem.

2) Thoroughly check whether you AV cables have any wear and tear or fraying? Are there any crack or damage at your cable cord.

3) Take out your hard drive and power up your console, check whether you are able to get rid of this E74 error.

If there are such flaw or undesired condition happened on your AV cables, then it will be quite easy for you to resolve the problem. You should consider to replace a new cable from any gaming stores or hardware shops around your neighborhood. If all of them not functioning, you have 3 options provided.

First, wrap your xbox console up and send it back via courier to Microsoft Service Center. With valid warranty, you need to wait for 6-10 weeks plus charges on shipment. If warranty expired, you have to pay extra $150-200 to have your console repaired.

Second, send your console to nearby service stores for repair, charges of $150-300, depend on the guy who provide the service for you.

Third, get the guide I mentioned which helped me to fix my Xbox 360 E74 error by my own hand. Without further charges and self satisfaction and knowledge on fixing any faulty happened on my console in the future.

By Master