Wet Towel Trick For 3 RROD on Xbox 360 – Is it a Reliable Solution?

In utter desperation, many Xbox 360 gamers have refused to wait 4 to 6 weeks for Microsoft to repair their console even though it is still under warranty, and instead, they have decided to fix the problem themselves by using a method called the towel trick!

Now it is bad enough wrapping dry towels around your Xbox 360 in the hopes that it will solve the problem but I would imagine that most people would think that it would be insane to wrap wet towels around your console or any other electrical device for that matter, while it is switched on!

Nevertheless, it would seem that many have actually tried this method as dangerous as it seems and have survived to tell the tale! Why on earth would you want to wrap wet towels around your Xbox 360? Could there be any logic in what appears to be an extremely dangerous method?

The whole idea behind the towel trick is that the heat the towel trick generates inside the Xbox 360 is thought to re-solder any broken connections and get your console up and running again within 15 minutes so that you can get back to playing your games without having to wait for weeks on end for Microsoft to repair your console!

While the towel trick can be successful, it doesn’t last long and the process has to be repeated every few days or so, but ultimately, the intense heat puts so much stress on the internal components that you are eventually left with a paperweight!

However, wrapping wet towels around an Xbox 360 while it is switched on is just asking for trouble! One of the methods I came across mentioned using soaking wet towels which I think has disaster written all over it!

Apart from its very limited success, it seems that the towel trick is a very hit and miss affair, as it has not worked for everybody. Here are some statistics regarding the success rate of the towel trick.

The towel trick….

Worked for a few days! – 30%

Worked for a few weeks! – 12%

Worked for a few months! – 11%

Worked for more than a few months! – 14%

Did not work! – 32%

As you can see, the success rate is quite low and 32 percent of the time it did not work at all, so the towel trick is not a permanent fix for the red ring of death, neither is it a safe method, and it is one that I would certainly not recommend! A much better and safer option is to buy a professional how-to guide that will show you exactly how to make the repair yourself in less than an hour, and they only cost about 30 bucks!

By Master