Fixing Xbox 360 Ring of Death – How to Fix 3 Red Lights on Xbox 360

Today it’s becoming more and more common to receive the Xbox 360 Ring of death, in this guide i’m going to discuss the causes of the red ring of death, and tell you how to fix 3 red lights on the Xbox 360. What you must first understand, is that this whole issue. Is a defect in most systems, and it’s a costly mistake on Microsoft’s part.

Most repairs can cost up to $140 not including shipping and a two month wait time. Fixing the Xbox 360 ring of death isn’t for everyone, and can cause permanent damage if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The problem is most people jump on these forums or download some kind of guide and hope to fix their system on their own. Only to find out that the guide is a complete scam, or that they end up just causing more damage and now no longer have the option to return it to Microsoft for repair.

If you don’t believe me, you can check eBay right now, and you’ll see a lot of systems where people try to make the repairs and ended up causing to much damage. Hopefully you’re not one of these idiots and are looking for a real solution.

So let’s dig deeper, what happened to cause this error and how does it help with fixing Xbox 360 ring of death. Well, the issue comes down to overheating really. The system is just kind of confined with very poor airflow.

Microsoft decided to create their own graphics chip instead of outsourcing it to professionals, and because of it, the chip runs to hot and expends a lot of hot air. Not to mention that everything is crammed in their with not much wiggle space for breathing.

Then Microsoft decided to use Lead free solders that don’t do well with heat and crack under pressure. So how to fix 3 red lights on Xbox 360 ring of death, becomes more of a question of how to undo what Microsoft has done. To fix the Xbox 360 ring of death, you’ll need to open the system, and create space between the heat sinks and x-clamps. Then add more thermal compound to help with cooling.

That should fix everything as well as get rid of any freezing or overheating issues you had previous to the red lights error.

By Master