Xbox Red Ring Codes – How to Fix Them

The Xbox red ring codes tell you of specific errors to the system. There are easy ways to solve these problems. Normally you would be prompted to send the console for service to Microsoft. However remember that if you are not under warranty then you would have to pay $150 for the service. Also you would have to wait for a period of 2 to 3 weeks before you can get your console back. Instead, you can try some of the home made remedies for your Xbox that will get your Xbox up and running again. These remedies will save your time and money.

You should identity the code given by the rings first. There are 4 flashes available and these stand for different errors. Along with the ring flashes, you get a warning accompanied on screen which tells you the error number also. This will help you identify the type of problem that you are facing. For each of these problems there is a solution. You can refer the Xbox online site for the colour code and the error code and refer to the solution as per the solution manual given there.

There are some general solutions to all these problems. Keep you console ventilated. This will help the heat to dissipate quickly and solve the problems that arise out of overheating. Also you should try disconnecting all the cables and then reconnecting them again. This also solves some of the problems. Also disconnecting and reconnecting the hard disk and the memory stick works. However, if all these methods fail to fix your Xbox then you have no other choice but to send it to service and make sure to tell the exact nature of problem. Then you would have to take some time off gaming and wait till your console comes back to you.

By Master