Xbox 360 Towel Method! Is it Wise to Use the Xbox 360 Towel Method?

The Xbox 360 towel method is very well known among Xbox 360 gamers because many have tried it in order to quickly fix the red ring of death, and sometimes it has worked. Most of the time though it does not, and there can be serious consequences to using the Xbox 360 towel method as you will soon discover!

Many Xbox 360 gamers have tried the towel method because it has been known to be a quick fix for the red ring of death. Within 15 minutes you can get back to playing your games rather than waiting weeks or even months to get your Xbox 360 fixed by Microsoft, so you can easily see the appeal for the Xbox 360 towel method.

Unfortunately, the towel method only works for a short while at best and it can be very dangerous! If you think about it, does wrapping towels around your Xbox 360 for about 15 minutes while it is switched on sound like a safe method to you? Common sense would tell us that it is not!

Yet thousands of anxious Xbox 360 gamers have tried it and you will find a gazillion web pages dedicated to the Xbox 360 towel method, so there is no shortage of information on it. You may have read about some who have fixed the red ring of death using this method, however, the fix never lasts long!

Sometimes it may last a few days at best but then the Xbox 360 starts to overheat again and then you have to go through the process again. The trouble is that the towel method puts great stress on the solder joints due to constant heating and cooling and eventually the Xbox 360 just can’t take it any more!

Many have fried their consoles using this method and some have even started fires because of leaving the towels on too long, so you can see quite clearly that the Xbox 360 towel method is not to be fooled with and using it would be very unwise! There are much safer and more permanent methods available today to fix the red ring of death.

One of the best methods is to use one of the professional ring of death repair guides that have been carefully developed by red ring of death gurus. These guides contain high quality demonstration videos making it real simple to follow along, and the best part is that they only cost about 30 dollars!

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