Copy Xbox 360 Games Today in 5 Easy Steps

Most guides I have seen on the current market either don’t work have old fashioned techniques or are too complicated for any one to follow. So with that in mind I will teach you how to copy Xbox 360 games easily, quickly and affordably in 5 easy steps. This is the game copying guide you have been waiting for.

1. You will need all the correct equipment to copy video games, however you will already have most of them so don’t worry your self too much. You will need some blank disks, the original game disk, a computer and special game copying software. I’m going to take a guess and assume you have most of the above except for the game copying software. You can purchase game copying software online or in your local store. I would recommend you getting it online however as it’s much more affordable.

2. Once you have the correct equipment, install it to your computer, you do this by selecting the install file which usually has the companies icon on it. Once installed you will be able to run the program by selecting it either from your desktop or from your program files.

3. The software should be now ready to go, once the program has loaded up let the computer know that you want to copy a video game. We do this because some of the better software available can copy movies, games, music and even photos.

4. Insert the original game disk into your disk drive when asked to do so by your computer. Your computer will then read all the data on this disk and remember it. Once all the data is on your computer you will be asked to insert the blank disk. The computer will then transfer the data onto this disk.

5. Sit back relax, and wait a couple of minutes. The computer will do the hard work for you. In less than 10 minutes you will have a copied Xbox 360 game that works perfectly.

By Master