Xbox 360 Kinect – Changing the Way You Play Games

The world of technology in video gaming has developed in leaps and bounds over the last three decades, giving us things that were once thought to be impossible. Thanks to Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 accessory, Kinect, true motion gaming is now a reality.

Previously named Project natal, Kinect is the latest accessory from Microsoft designed to work with the Xbox 360 console. Kinect succinctly allows you to communicate with the Xbox 360 console without the need for any controllers or gaming devices… you are the controller!

Kinect, will allow you to play games in conjunction with a simple user interface that will read body movements, hand gestures and spoken commands to control the game characters. Fitted with a motion sensor, Kinect records your movements with the help of an RGB camera, a depth sensor, and a microphone for your verbal commands. With this, Kinect can capture 3D motion, performing face and voice recognition. The user interface is utilised through voice commands and hand gestures. Moving on to different screens, may only require a flick of the hand making this the first time this kind of technology has arrived in the gaming world. The new Kinect accessory simply connects to the Xbox 360 console allowing players to enjoy the pleasure and freedom of hands free gaming.

The unique selling point of this new device from Microsoft lies in the fact that you do not need to buy another separate gaming console. Kinect works with all Xbox 360 consoles, but to use it with your Xbox 360, you must have a minimum storage space of 175 MB. Simply plug Kinect into your Xbox 360 and you are ready to go.

For all gaming fans out there, the prospect of controlling characters with mere hand gestures may be an exciting new experience. The Kinect accessory has now opened up the type of gaming on the Xbox 360 console that fits into the lifestyle and fitness categories.

Microsoft has already developed ten games specifically for the Kinect Xbox 360 accessory. Some of these games include Joy Ride, Dance Central, Kinect Sports, Zumba Fitness and Kinectimals. The software for Kinect was developed internally by Microsoft who have provided millions of us with amazing products such as the Windows software for so many years. With Microsoft’s expertise, it looks like the Xbox 360 Kinect accessory is going to be a huge success in the gaming world.

By Master