Fixing E74 Error on Xbox 360 – Tips on How to Fix the Xbox 360 E74 Error

Many Xbox users believe that if they take good care of their console, errors such as the Xbox 360 E74 errors can be avoided. This is not true always! The error may recur at anytime and you should learn to fix E74 error on Xbox 360 instead of shipping off your system for repairs. There are many simple ways of fixing E74 error on Xbox 360. You just need to follow the steps slowly and steadily. Here are some tips on how to fix the Xbox 360 E74 error.

Fault With The AV Cable

It may happen that there is a fault with the AV Cable. So, you need to check that first. Try to unplug the AV cable and blow away any kind of dust or particulate matter that might have gathered at the node of connection. You can also try and hook up the connection and then turn it on.

If the above tip does not solve your problem and you are still worried about how to fix the Xbox E74 error, you can try and replace your cable with a new cable. If you do not wish to make an immediate replacement, you can even borrow a spare cable from your friend or relative and try connecting with this fresh cable. Once you plug in to check, you can find out if there was a problem with your old AV cable. If you still find the error, it means you have to try this next tip.

Call Up Your Customer Support Guys

If the first two changes do not help you in fixing E74 error on Xbox 360, it means that there is some kind of more complex problem and you need to fix this problem. There are many things which need to be done. You can call up your customer support and follow the instructions which they will offer. They can also guide you on different kinds of online help centers or forums, which will provide you with live videos and articles on how to fix the Xbox E74 error.

Ask For Help From Others

You will find many detailed step by step instructions on different problems you are encountering while using your Xbox. You can also ask your friends who have been using this console if they have some ideas on how to fix the Xbox E74 error. Sometimes they might just come up with excellent help which can do wonders for your console. However, this is totally your own discretion from whom to take help and whom you can trust as trusting the wrong person can put you in further trouble with the console.

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