Xbox 360 DVD Drive Not Reading Games – What Causes This Problem? Find Out Here!

In this article we are going to be looking at the problem with the Xbox 360 console and the DVD drive. For the most part what normally happens if you are going to get hardware issues with the system is the red lights of doom.

However this problem is getting more common and you know you have it when you enter a disc in to the console and instead of loading up it displays a message on the screen telling you to insert an Xbox 360 disc.

Most people think that when this happens it means that the DVD drive needs replacing, and in some cases this may be true, however what is more likely to be causing this error is the heat build up getting to the drive.

So if you can find a way to stop the heat build up you will be able to play your games again!

There are a couple of ways that you can do this and the most obvious is to send it back in and have it repaired. You will have to ring Microsoft and arrange the repair and bear in mind that with this particular hardware failure you will have to pay the repair fee of about $140!

Also if you enjoyed playing on your console a lot you should also know that the whole repair method will take you four weeks.

There is another way if you really cannot bear to wait this long and that is using a good home repair method that shows you how to stop the heat build up getting to the drive.

If you are going to do it this way you must make sure you get a good guide that has a full preview of the videos and also a lasting fix.

The main way that you can make sure that you are getting a good guide is to see if they offer a guarantee and also on the preview video you should actually see the work being carried out on a proper Xbox 360.

This is for two reasons, the first being you’ll be able to see that they know what they’re doing!

The second reason is you’ll be able to have a glimpse at how difficult the home repair method is so you can make your mind up!

I hope this article has told you a bit more about the Xbox 360 not reading games issue and what you can do to get it fixed as fast as possible!

By Master