How to Fix Xbox 360 Ring of Death – Discover What Each Red Light Showing on Your Console Means!

We all dread the moment our console shows those flashing red lights. In this article i would like to talk about what each red light means and how to fix Xbox 360 ring of death: –

– One single red light will indicate that your console is suffering general hardware failure.

– Two red lights showing on your gaming console will indicate that your Xbox has overheated. This can be solved as easily as turning your Xbox off and giving it some time to cool down.

– Three red lights, otherwise known as the “red ring of death” will indicate that the CPU and GPU chip have overheated, thus causing the motherboard to bend. When you turn your console off, the chips begin to cool down and the knock-on effect is the bending motherboard.

– Four red lights mean that your AV cable is no longer working correctly. This could merely be because it isn’t connected properly or that the cable no longer works.

You have 3 separate options on how to fix your Xbox 360 ring of death:-

1) Package up your console and forward onto Microsoft. You can expect this to set you back $140 plus shipping fees and you will be without your gaming unit for up to 2 months.

2) Seek out a local repair shop. Once again, you will be without your Xbox 360 for quite a while, up to 4 weeks and the cost of repair will be in the region of $100.

3) Finally with the influx of Xbox 360 ring of death repair guides on the internet, you can fix the problem yourself. Make sure any guide that you look through does not suggest the towel trick or taking a soldering iron to your console. These methods are far more likely to damage your Xbox 360 further!

By Master