What is Behind 3 Red Lights on Xbox 360?

The very big problem that most gamers call the 3 Red Lights (aka Red Rings of Death) has been around since 2005 when the Xbox 360 was first released by Microsoft. The problem has yet to be fixed and occurs only when the hardware fails. Officially this is called core digital failure. What causes the Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death? What is behind the Xbox 360 3 red lights? Read on to discover more about this and how to prevent it from showing up again.

Usually you get the 3 red lights on Xbox 360 systems by having it overheat. 2 components of the system easily overheat as you are playing. Look at the console and the power brick. The system was designed with vents, fans, and heat sinks, but that has been proven to not be enough to keep the system cool. Neither does the power brick. The solution is to get the console in an area that is not closed in and make sure that the power brick is above the floor so that all sides can breathe freely.

There could be another cause to the 3 red lights – the Nyko Intercooler. It has been noted by Microsoft that the at times the intercooler requires so much power that it causes issues with the console.

Another reason could be the graphics processing unit, GPU. The connection of the GPU to the motherboard can get loose as the GPU overheats. All this would result in period freezes of your screen and eventually the 3 red lights on Xbox 360.

The conclusion is that the Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death issue is basically a design flaw. This was also stated by Microsoft in mid-2007. Unfortunately, no solution has been discovered. You begin to feel that the only solution is to send your system off to a Microsoft support center and wait a long time to begin playing again. Wait! Your warranty could be gone! Do you have to look to Microsoft to fix the problem or can you do it yourself?

Of course! The truth is that it is not if you are not petrified of opening the console up and following simple instructions.

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