The Easiest and the Simplest Way to Copy Dvd Games Using Nero

You are one of those gaming enthusiasts who keep continuously for long periods of time? If yes, then are very good chances of your original game disc to get damaged due to extensive usage. And this is one of the last things you would want to happen. Hence, to protect your investment you can copy DVD games using Nero.

For you to be able to copy DVD games, you will first have to find out if the game you are going to burn has any kind of copy security. You can lookup websites to know what kind of protection the game is using.

Create a disc-image or ISO of the game using Nero. This is nothing but a copy of all the data present in the disc. Nero uses a NRG file extension. Next, to copy DVD games insert in the driver the game’s disc and choose the Make Image option provided in Nero. Its location would depend on the version. It will take a while for the information on the disc to be read.

Now, ensure that you create the kind of picture you want, NRG or ISO. You can choose the Game Backup or the Game option if you are crafting it into a music or movie file. The output file is set to a site that can be remembered and the marking of the image is started.

The image is burnt using the option Burn Image in main menu of Nero. The speed of the burn is set low once you have found the image that was just created through Nero’s browser. You can make sure that the copy of the DVD games is not bad by making the burn settings rather slow. Ensure that only a DVD of good quality is used.

The copied game is labeled and inserted in the disc drive. There may be the need for a specific patch to be downloaded for you to be able to use the backup DVD and not the original.

It is this simple to create a copy of your DVD games using Nero. And, you will no longer have to invest any of your money in buying a brand new game disc in case your gets damaged.

Disclaimer: Copying games should ONLY be done for backup purposes

By Master