Step By Step Guide on How You Can Join Xbox Live Today!

So, is this your first Xbox?

In fact – if you didn’t have a Xbox live account, you should create it after you have set up your game console.

This article is for people who are new to Xbox 360 and this is a detail step by step guide to help you get started.

Here are the 16 easy steps…

1. Select “I want to join Xbox Live” on the Gamer Profile screen (Press A) – your Xbox will start connecting to Xbox live automatically.

2. Select “Join Xbox Live Options” by pressing A

3. A message will pop up and you simply select “YES” and press A to continue.

Note: A download updates message box might pop up, and you will just need to wait to update the system.

4. Enter your gamertag and press “Start”

5. Now this is the stage where you choose for your current Passport account status:

Note: if you have an existing account, you can just press “Yes”; however, if you don’t, you can click “NO” and set up a new account there. Make sure you set your region properly to avoid billing problems in the future.

6. Choose your language

7. Set your birth date

All you need to do is to choose the birth date on the screen and “Press A”. The birth date page will show up, and you will use the left analog stick to set the date. You can simply move the stick up and down to change the numbers, and pressing left and right moves to change the fields. After you set your date correctly, you will be “Press B” and return to your account page.

8. Setup your email address

9. Select your unique password, a secret question and a secret answer

10. Now you will need to input your basic information, such as Name, Phone Number, and Contact Information.

11. Terms of Use page will pop up after you complete the above steps. Make sure you read it thoroughly and press A for accept.

12. Now you will need to choose your Xbox Live Membership type. There are 2 types, Gold (paid version) and Silver (free version). Choose the one that fits to your needs.

13. Confirm your account type choice and enter payment details if you choose the paid membership.

14. Now you can choose your own gamer photo.

15. Choose your level…

a. Recreation: this level is for players who want to play for fun.

b. Pro: the level is for players who want to be super-competitive on Xbox Live.

c. Family: this level is mostly for kids.

d. Underground: this level is for people who like to play by their own rules.

Note: you can change your level at any time.

16. Decide if you want to subscribe to Xbox live email.

That’s it! You have successfully set up your very first Xbox Live account and you can start enjoying this cool game console now!

By Master