Fix Xbox 360 2 Red Lights Error – Repair 2 Flashing Lights Permanently

One of the pesky errors that most of the Xbox 360 gamers meet is 2 red lights error. If your console is suffering from the 2 red lights error, don’t feel panic, as you are not the first and last one to get this error. However, to fix this error is not a difficult or impossible task. Before we come to the fixing issue, let’s see why this error occurs.

Indeed, overheating is the subtle cause of getting this 2 red lights error on your Xbox 360 console. The deficient heat sink size, poor ventilation or even bad treatment on the owner’s part also becomes vital cause of the pesky error. The bad treatment on the owner’s part is like putting the console in a confined space such as on sofa or shaggy carpet. Furthermore, placing the console in the direct sunlight or near the heat source may cast grave effect on your favorite Xbox 360 console. Therefore, put the console at the place where there is sufficient roomy and airy area.

The technical reason behind the occurrence of the 2 red lights error is that your CPU (Central Processing Unit), GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) and the motherboard got affected by this excess heat and the motherboard flexes. Thence there is obligatory to meet the 2 red lights error.

Now fixing this problem is rather easy. However, if you don’t want to try your hand at fixing the console, then it is best to send your Xbox 360 to the Microsoft service center and let them repair it for you. The Microsoft repair will be free of cost if your console is within warranty period. However, if your warranty is expired, then Microsoft will charge you $140 for the repair. Besides this, you have to bear the shipping charges in addition. To cap it all, you have to wait for a month until the console is sent back repaired.

The Microsoft repair is rather time as well as money consuming. That is why better to refer a professional guide and fix the Xbox 360 2 red lights error on your own. This will make you an independent learner to fix the problem, and you can play on your console within an hour again. The ideal professional guide will not cost you more than $30. This is rather time as well as money saving! Isn’t it?

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