It offers you a wonderful opportunity to sit and spend time with your loved ones watching movies, and there is no better way to watch movies than in complete style and excellent quality while being Electric Shock Notice able to listen to each word clearly and understand precisely what they are saying. The picture quality produced is something phenomenal and will have you watching movies more than you normally do.
With the wonderful features this Blu-ray player offers you, you are sure to have more friends over for movie night too! Just a few of the features are its BRAVIA sync, Surround Sound home theater system which is optimized for High Definition, and it cosmetically goes together well with Sony BD players and BRAVIA TVs.
It has some great audio facilities too, and with the appropriate DMPORT accessories you can play music files from your iPod plus various other types of files and source equipment. So not only does the HTSS360 give you out of this world movie repro, you’ll also enjoy the very best in music repro too.
There are also some technical details of the product that you are sure to be interested in. These include its digital tuner technology, its ability to use coaxial digital input and optical digital output, it uses a universal remote control and has a Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital and DTS decoder as its built in decoder, and the output wattage is at 1000.
The Sony HTSS360 is a stunning player. Sony are so confident that it will deliver a quality of sound you have never heard before, that they invite you to play a movie or a soundtrack that you are really, States That Need Electricians really familiar with, and then just pick out all of the little sounds and nuances that you have either never heard before, or that you have had difficulty in hearing clearly before. You will be amazed.
The customer feedback has been brilliant. Everyone who has bought the HTSS360 is absolutely delighted with the product, and its top performance. Sound, picture quality, color; all are highly acclaimed. The other thing that comes through clearly in the feedback is just how easy it is to install and set-up. At last, a player that doesn’t need a nuclear physicist to set it up! You’ll also be relived to know that the HTSS360 has a universal remote controller, so instead of shouting at the kids to find where they left the various remotes, you’ve only got the one to worry about.
A Blu-ray player like this is for anyone who enjoys good style and clarity when it comes to technology. Be innovative and keep up-to-date with the new gadgets that are hitting the shelves. Make sure you know what’s next, what you need to get and where you need to get it from. Start with the Sony Blu-ray player. You won’t regret it.

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