When it comes to electrical projects such as lighting installation, you need to hire an electrician to ensure a safe and correct installation. Any lighting installation in general presents various challenges for homeowners. Chandelier installation can be very complicated and dangerous. If you are replacing a chandelier or installing it in a new spot, it is highly recommended that you use the services of an electrician.
Before deciding installing a new chandelier, one of the things you have to consider is the weight of the chandelier. If the chandelier is rather large and is over 50 pounds, an electrician might need to install heavier bracing. The bracket that holds the chandelier in place may need changing if the new chandelier is heavier than the old light fixture. If they are the same weight, or the new lighting fixture is lighter, the electrician will make sure the bracket is not damaged and still suitable for use.
The power needs to be turned off using the circuit breaker before installation can begin. The electrician will check the current with Electrical Equipment List Pdf a circuit tester once the power is off. Installing a chandelier should be done during the day when there is enough natural light.
The electrician will use a screwdriver and remove the screws that hold the light fixture cover in place over the bracket. After removing the cover, the electrician must then disconnect On Demand Electrician the negative and positive wires from the light fixture connectors. The ground wire is also removed from the bracket. The new bracket will be installed if necessary.
The electrician will connect the matching wires of the new lighting fixture. He or she will ensure the all the wires are connected correctly. If the wires are not clean or long enough, a wire stripper will be used to adjust them correctly before connecting them. The cover is put into place. The power will be turned on to test the light. If the light does not work, the electrician will turn off the power again and begin to double check all the components. The old lighting fixture needs to be properly disposed of after installation is complete. The old bracket will also need to be safety thrown away if it is not strong enough to hold the new lighting fixture.
Working around electricity requires certain skills and experience. Having an electrician install a chandelier will be less stressful and ensure your safety.

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