Does the quality of the tools used by electricians equate to the quality of work they do? I believe the answer is mostly yes. Through the years, the electricians I have come in contact with have proven this to be correct more often What Is White Wire In Electrical than not. I’m not talking about an apprentice or helper just starting out. They may be trying out the trade to see if it’s what they want to do for a living or may not be making enough money yet to afford the better tools.
I’m referring to journeyman level workers. The guys that can read the blueprints and go do the tasks assigned to them. These people seem to understand that the right tool for the job actually makes the job easier and faster, therefore making them more productive and being more productive makes them more valuable to the employer. Yet there are many that choose the bargain tools. Why spend $35.00 on lineman pliers when you can get the same thing made in China for $12.95? Don’t they do the same thing? At first glance they appear quite equal.
Try cutting some #1 wire with each. Did the cheap tool do the job? Will it do it more than once? You will find out that in the long run the quality tools will last longer and continue to do their job. I know some guys that have Klein pliers that are 20 years old and still use them daily. How many Chinese pliers would you have gone through in 20 years?
I also tend to think that if a man buys cheap tools he really isn’t in the trade because he enjoys it, he just does it to make a paycheck. If you’re not doing it because you enjoy it, then you probably won’t put forth the Electrician Shop Near Me effort to do a quality job. Electrical work should be taken seriously. It shouldn’t be a hobby. The work we do really does boil down to life or death. If improperly installed it can cost lives, property damage, down time.
Using quality tools can make a difference. If we do nice work, then the general contractors we work for will be more apt to use us on future projects and inspectors will have more confidence in our compliance with the code. Learning to do a quality job usually translates into more knowledge of the trade. If we take pride in our work we will take pride in our knowledge of the trade, they go hand in hand.

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