Swimming pools are something that needs a regular cleaning. Pools contain a filter system that pass around the clean water of the pool. For proper working and functioning of the filter system, pools need a regular cleaning. There are many tools available in the market to keep your pool clean and well maintained. To avoid repair costs regular maintenance and cleaning is inevitable. With proper maintenance tools you cannot only keep your pool clean, but also avoid long term damage to your pool. Regular maintenance and cleaning gives your pool a longer life.
Skimmer/Pump Lighting Problems Home Basket
Skimmer and pump basket are important maintenance tools for pool cleaning. In summer season outdoor pools are most of the time exposed to different elements as most of the time pools remain uncovered. Skimmer and pump basket can be best option to remove all the debris and dirt from the pool. Pump basket is attached to the skimmer and skimmer is located near the main filter area. Skimmer functions like a small net that collects all the debris and dirt before it enters the filter. All these debris and dirt is then stored in the pump basket and get emptied once it is full.
Cleaning Chemicals
Various forms of bacteria and algae build up in a swimming pool with the passage of time. They are extremely unhygienic and are not for human body. They can be deal well with the help of different pool cleaning chemicals. These cleaning chemicals are considered as the important pool cleaning tools. They are available in a small granule or tablet form. The usage of cleaning chemicals is largely depends upon the usage of the pool. Pool owner can use them on daily or weekly basis, keeping in view the usage of the pool. If you want the best results, use these cleaning chemicals at night time as evaporation is on its lower side and the efficiency of killing bacteria is on higher side.
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Vacuum pump is another pool maintenance tool. Although, skimmer and chemicals serve the purpose well, but using vacuum pump once in a month to clean the pool entirely is not a bad option. Vacuum pump has the tendency to discard medium sized or large tree leaves and other grime quite easily from the floor of the pool. A more advanced vacuum pump has a telescopic pole and a large hose attachment that helps to clean the deeper areas of the pool’s floor.
Pool Scrubbing Brushes
Scrubbing brushes are also common pool maintenance tool. These brushes are very handy to clean the walls and floors of the pool. They are usually 3 feet in length with a long handle at one end and brush scrub of five inches on the other. Scrubbing brushes are good to remove the scum of bacteria and other grime from pool’s wall and floor. The pool is drained to the low level so that the pool’s walls and floor can be cleaned easily. For hard grimes chemical products are also used before scrubbing.

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