My Broken Xbox 360

Firstly I would like to welcome you to my article. I hope that I can provide you with the information that you are looking for regarding fixing your broken Xbox 360. If like me you a hardcore gamer then the idea of going without you beloved Xbox is too much to bare. The reality of it is that hardware faults are very common with these consoles. Its a small price to pay for the hours of enjoyment if you ask me. There has been an array of hardware problems reported to Microsoft and a huge number of machines returned for fixing. Well I will share some information with you here that will prevent these complications. If you already have any of these faults with your machine then I will tell you exactly how to fix them yourself without the need of sending the Xbox back to Microsoft saving you time and money.

There are many common faults reported some of which are listed here:

Graphics distortion

Game freezing

Two red light fault

Three red lights fault (aka ring of death)

These faults are all caused by the same thing, overheating! Yes that’s all it is, the machines overheat and damage internal hardware. First lets talk about prevention. After all prevention is the best cure. If you keep your console in a cabinet when playing or any enclosed space your asking for trouble! These machines generate a lot of heat and unless well ventilated they WILL overheat. So its very simple keep the machine in a well ventilated area when playing. Air conditioned rooms are ideal but failing that a desk fan will do a great job at cooling system.

So your asking yourself,what if my Xbox is already broken? What do I do now. Well this is not a complicated thing either. As this is such a common fault there has been a lot of people look into why this occurs. You can fix these problems from the comfort of you own home with little more than house hold tools and about 1 hour to spare. Don’t worry about it being complicated if I can do it then anyone can. Over at my blog you can gain access to step by step High Def video’s showing you exactly how to make this simple repair.

By Master