How to Fix the Xbox 360 E74 Error – This is What Works

Hey there, did it also happen to you too? You get that e74 error all over your screen every time you turn on your Xbox 360 console? I sure did! And I have to say, I was not happy the way my console was acting.

I did the same like you, looked online for help and I came across the worst recommendations on “getting my console back to work”. Many of those guides would actually make my system worse. Many of my friends have used those techniques and for the most part, there console had to be replaced.

But our main concern is to permanently fix this problem right? Yes it can be fixed, that’s the good news my friend! Here are some tips that you may want to consider:

1. You can use and replace your AV cable with a brand new AV cable. Try borrowing a cable from a friend instead of buying one. This can fix the e74 error message. If that does not work you may have to follow these tips below.

2. You can definitely send your console to Microsoft if you feel that sending it to a local technician is not right for you. Having a warranty with Microsoft is worth it because they will fix your console although it can be quite expensive to ship it.

3. You can certainly send it to a technician that you “know”. I say this because I have dealt with a local technician before and not only did they rip me off but my console was not fixed properly as they promised. Take that into consideration as there are many technicians that will literally swap parts from your Xbox 360 with old parts that may not work. I highly recommend that you look for a reliable source to fixing your console.

4. You can use an online guide that delivers step-by-step videos on how to fix your Xbox 360 e74 error message from your own home. You don’t have to rely on a local technician (which may steal/swap parts without your authorization) or on Microsoft (which may take 4-6 weeks for your console to arrive back to you).

These guides deliver outstanding support for your needs. The guides will guarantee your console to fully and permanently work within an hour the most. I would say that sending to Microsoft is a good idea rather than sending it to a local technician (unless you know them). I would also recommend an online step-by-step guide (which is great and affordable).

By Master