Many IBEW workers are called travelers and are always on the lookout for jobs. Mr. Clark was one in the same. He had always worked on the road traveling for various phone companies, but when work ran out in that field, he was introduced to the IBEW. He immediately began work as an IBEW apprentice working for various contractors at various jobs around the local union with which he was affiliated. This local provided him with information he needed to go through the 5 year apprentice training and it also provided him with job posts so he could stay working while completing the apprenticeship.
After his apprenticeship was complete, originally from the south, spoke with some fellow IBEW journeymen and realized that there was (at that time) some good money to be made on a 6-month job in northern Indiana. He called that local union which represented the contractor for that job. He got on the books of that union so he would be considered for the job, and then he received the call that he was approved to work.
Mr. Clark immediately moved to Indiana for the duration of the job and made about $15 more per hour then he was making in his previous position. Once the job was finished, he realized that traveling was quite lucrative, but he missed his family. He reconnected with his previous local, got back on its books, and returned to work at his previous position.
Mr. Clark decided he wanted additional knowledge and needed additional training in order to compete for the best permanent positions offered through the IBEW. Therefore, he completed welding training and is Electrical Repair Salary now one of the premier sought out IBEW welders in his area. He can negotiation higher fees with contractors based on his experience and his talent level. It certainly pays to receive education and training.
Electrician jobs and IBEW jobs in general are much easier to find if you are a member of the union and on the books of a local who readily posts ne positions. The absolute best way to find that next IBEW job is to put in the work, and do the search. Here are three tips for job searching:
1. Search for jobs posts on any major search engine. This will direct you to viable resources for finding that next career.
2. Explore the posting board at Electrical Advice Free the international’s website.
3. Look at the Links pages on various electrician-based websites. They will direct you to several resources related to the union.

By Master