In this country, the majority of electricians start out by doing an electrical apprenticeship. When you engage in an apprenticeship, you are going to be getting both theoretical classroom instruction as well as practical work experience. In addition, you are going to be mentored by professional electricians with a great deal of experience. What’s even better, you’ll get paid a fair salary for undertaking your apprenticeship when other people are amassing student debt studying in college!
Even though doing a four year electrical apprenticeship is by far the most common option to become an electrician, you actually have additional options as well. Some examples are doing an electrical program at a technical institution, getting trained in the armed forces as an electrician and even engaging in internet electrician training.
That said, virtually all of these methods will just assist you to gain credit towards the classroom instruction portion of your apprenticeship. In the majority of states, you’re going to still need to finish the essential 2,000 hours of on-the-job instruction annually over a duration of four years so that you can take your journeyman certification exam and be recognized as a properly accredited electrician.
Requirements To Become An Electricians Qualifications Apprentice Electrician
To get an apprenticeship, you have to Journeyman Electrician Job Duties meet the following prerequisites:
– You need to be no less than 18 years of age
– You must have a high school or equivalent qualification
– You will need to have completed at least 1 year of algebra
– You need to fulfill the lowest qualifying score on an aptitude test
– You need to be free of drugs
Along with these simple criteria, you ought to have the following abilities and proficiencies:
1. Color Vision
To become an electrician, you musn’t be color-blind. Electric cables are color coded, and to be an electrician it’s essential to have the ability to identify the difference between these cables to be able to do your work accurately.
2. Problem Solving Skills
To fix broken electrical systems, electricians will have to perform a variety of problem solving tests to figure out the source of the issue and think of a working remedy.
3. People Skills
Being an electrician, you’re going to require excellent social skills. After all, you will be dealing with people on a regular basis, such as customers, tradies and professionals like designers, engineers and project managers.
Should you fulfill every one of these electrician apprenticeship requirements, congrats! You’re all set to send in your application for an electrical apprenticeship and create a bright future for yourself in the electrical trade. The only thing that stands in your way now is your apprenticeship interview and you’ll be good to go.

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