How You Can Fix the Red Ring of Death

Should you happen to be one of the unfortunate people who’s Xbox 360 has been affected by the red ring of death did you know that you can fix it yourself? Most of the red light issues are repairable at home, and easily too. Even red light errors that have in the past to be fixed by Microsoft can be fixed by you.

You may have heard about the towel trick, this involves wrapping your Xbox 360 in the towel and putting in an oven for a short period of time. The reason for this is to try and melt some of the solder on the circuits to rejoin it. I strongly advise against this particular method as it can be extremely damaging to your console. For those who have done it has proven to be only a short term fix so all that risk for very little in return doesn’t seem worth it to me.

A lot of people also introduce their Xbox console to extreme cold temperatures to reduce overheating fast. This again can cause severe damage to your console and is not recommended. Your Xbox has been designed to operate at room temperature and the freezing temperature will cause the circuit boards and other internal components to become damaged beyond repair.

The best ways to repair your console are to check out Microsoft’s website as it is full of useful knowledge to fix the basic errors on your Xbox with minimal fuss. However If your machine is displaying the infamous three red lights this normally requires you to send your console back to Microsoft for expensive repairs (they normally cost around $150). If your machine is under warranty they will repair the machine for free. Although you will not have your console for between four and six weeks as that is the time frame it takes to receive and fix then dispatch your Xbox 360 back to you.

If you want your console back online a lot quicker than that there is an option for you. Fixing it yourself with information found online. Be careful as there is a varying of quality in the information found on the internet. One really good source is James Dean’s 3 red light fix. He has helped thousands of people in a similar situation repair their consoles in about an hour. He offers an in depth guide with excellent quality videos explaining the whole process step by step. There is even a money back guarantee should you not be satisfied, it is well worth taking a look at.

By Master