How To Make Legal Backup Xbox Games

Creating backup Xbox games is still a highly debatable topic and many are not sure whether it is legal to create copies of original games without the consent of the original distributors. However under many circumstances it is perfectly legal. Gamers usually like to make backups to preserve their investment in the event that the original game gets scratched or damaged and is no longer playable.

The ‘Audio Home Recording Act of 1992’ and the ‘Fair Use Act’ both state that it is legal to create copies or backups for any digital copyrighted material as long as it is for personal use. It is definitely illegal if you start selling these backup Xbox games or any other software or program for that matter. Such an act will be considered piracy and there are serious repercussions for it. Another condition tailed with this act is that the original software or game must be purchased and possessed by the person before he decides to make a backup or copy of it.

When it comes to creating backup Xbox games, the issue is the digital restriction or encryption on the originals that make it difficult to create copies. Furthermore, if you are thinking of creating backup games on your computer with an ordinary CD or DVD burning software, then think again. To make backup games, special software is necessary. Such software breaks or decodes the encryption thus making it easy and simple to create backup Xbox games.

Even though there are plenty of free software options available on the internet, it is recommended to purchase trusted software that also gives a guarantee to safeguard your Xbox console against any viruses. Such software can be expensive but is worth it, because the last thing you want is to damage your Xbox console beyond repair. This will prove to be much more expensive than spending money to buy a replacement game.

Using the right software can result in making backup Xbox games that are difficult to tell apart from the original with respect to speed and content. So no quality is lost. Just remember that the backup Xbox games must be for personal use and should not be distributed or sold under any circumstances. Selling and renting of these backup games can get you into some serious trouble with the law so be sure to make only one copy and destroy it if you stop playing the game or are no longer interested in it.

By Master