How to Burn Games Without a Mod Chip

There is no need for open your favorite game console and do any modifications by installing chips and a bunch of cables and at the same time lose the warrant on the console. In fact there is no reason for any risk of over burning your console because of you have modified your console.

Today many game networks are beginning to setup ban on people logging on to their gaming network, if they are using a modified console. Lately Microsoft and Xbox Live decided to put a lifetime ban on any modified Xbox 360 on their network. Today there are simply too many risks to take, just by modifying your favorite console.

There is an alternative, instead of modifying your console, you can use the game burning software that is able to create an exact 1:1 copy of the original game DVD, and is able to overwrite any copy code there might be on the DVD. That way you can still create backup of your favorite games without getting banned from playing on a game network.

Here is how to burn an exact copy of your favorite console games

– Get a copy of the game burning software and install it on your computer.

– Restart your computer and start the application

– Install and original game dvd from any console you might have, into your DVD drive open the folder and copy all the game files to a specific location on your computer. Make sure you also copy any hidden files there might be stored.

– Make sure all the files are loaded into the game burning software panel and is ready to burn

– Install an empty DVD into your drive and start the burning process. By carefully follow the instructions

You might need to be a little patient depending on the size of the game. Besides that you have to check which type of DVD format your console uses, and use the same format to burn the game on, else the burning process might not work.

Xbox 360 uses the format DVD9 and Playstation3 Blue Ray. You can burn as many copies as you may like. Just be sure to safe the original game on a safe place so you always can burn a new copy of the game.

By Master