How to Fix a Broken Xbox 360 From the Red Ring of Death

There is a huge misconception about how to fix a broken Xbox 360. Many people are still under the assumption that sending their console into the manufacturer is the best way to go. What needs to be considered is the fact that the manufacturer has not been able to come up with an official repair for over 4 years! With a lack of progress, the manufacturer seems and has proven time and time again that they are not the most reliable solution to fix a broken Xbox 360 from the Red Ring of Death.

How then do you fix a broken Xbox 360? About 2 years ago a man named James Dean ran into some problems with the manufacturer being unable to repair his broken Xbox 360. James just so happens to be a certified Computer Technician and Programmer who decided to figure how how to fix the Red Ring of Death himself. Sure enough he was able to not only discover the cause of the Red Ring of Death, but how to repair the problem permanently.

James learned that in order to fix a broken Xbox 360 only two minor modifications need to be made. The first one deals in replacing the old thermal compounding paste that was originally intended to protect the GPU and CPU from getting fried, with a new and more sufficient solution. The Xbox 360 creates so much heat, that the original solution was insufficient and cannot withstand the heat produced from the system. Therefore a more reliable and sufficient solution is required.

The second modification that is required deals with removing the X-Clamps, and adjusting how the heat sinks sit on the motherboard. Originally the X-Clamps were intended to keep the heat sinks aligned over the GPU and CPU to protect them and keep them cool. The problem here is when the system gets to hot. When this happens the actual motherboard starts to bend, and this throws off the alignment of the heat sinks, eventually leaving the GPU and CPU directly vulnerable to the over-heating in the Xbox 360. The way we adjust the heat sinks, is by using a set of specific washers and screws to firmly lock the heat sinks in place so that they cannot be thrown off balance.

Once these two modifications are made your broken Xbox 360 won’t be that way for long. These two modifications properly protect, and ensure the safety of the more delicate parts of your Xbox 360. This in turn permanently repairs the Red Ring of Death so your console is no longer vulnerable to overheating problems. Given that this repair has been the only successful repair method for this problem, it is highly recommended to consider the use of this repair if you just so happen to need to fix a broken Xbox 360 yourself.

By Master