Comparing the Zune HD and the Apple iPod Touch – Should You Buy a Zune?

Most portable media player fans will be flocking to the Apple iPod Touch 32 GB and 64 GB this year to upgrade from their sub-park iPod Touch 8 GB models. However, before you join them, you might want to consider the Microsoft Zune HD 32 GB, which for the first time since its inception is now a close rival to the Apple iTouch. The Zune has gone from being the size of a brick to literally the same size as the iPod Touch. Quite honestly, the look and feel of the Zune is even more sleek than the iPod Touch, but that’s not its only shining quality. From easier navigation to better graphics, you might want to buy a Zune this time around instead of the iTouch.

1. The display touch screen: “Sleek” is the name of the game when it comes to Zune HD’s display touch screen. While you might not think of a Zune as having better screen technology than Apple’s iPod Touch, it certainly seems to be more user-friendly and crisper in display.

2. Software differences: Zune HD’s software (Zune 4.0) is far more compatible with Windows PC’s than iTunes software. No surprise, since Apple doesn’t tend to play well with others.

If you’ve ever owned (or currently own) an iPod of any type, and you use a PC instead of a Mac, then you know how much of a nightmare it can be to work with iTunes. If this is something you don’t like about your media player, make the switch to Zune HD and you’ll be much happier.

3. Zune navigation with Quickplay: It was about time someone figured out how to make shortcuts on a media player. With Quickplay, you can do just that with your recent media, favorites, playlists and more.

This beats out iTouch in a way, because with iPod software, you’re limited by the number of icons available. But you might want to buy a Zune if you would rather have this sort of control over your media.

By Master