I will discuss the some of the features main features that are present within the Toshiba TVs range. Toshiba’s best selling range the REGZA series offers a variety Iron Box Repair Shop Near Me of HD LCD screens in numerous sizes. The specifications of these TVs are just one of the reasons why Toshiba are regarded as one of the best in the industry.
The main part of any REGZA TV is the Meta Brain, its job is to synchronise the different parts of the TV to allow for all the special features to work in harmony to their potential. The meta brain can be regarded as a similar device to that of the computer processor. The Meta Brain itself has been designed in house by Toshiba and as such has been specifically tailored to meet the demands of the TV.
Active Vision II this is the part of the TV that processes the picture. It improves the quality of the picture by focusing on improving four areas; those being color, contrast, edge detail and textual content. The picture that is produced by this feature is so good, it is the reason for many of Toshiba’s awards.
The next unique feature that Toshiba has developed is called Motion flow, a standard TV produces a frame rate of 100Hz this means that in second of program watching 100 individual pictures are displayed on the screen, whereas the Toshiba has a frame rate of 200Hz meaning 200 frames are displayed in the same time. The effect of this is that action scenes appear smoother and more defined.
As the gulf between standard picture and high definition pictures is so great Toshiba have included a feature called Resolution + which enhances the quality of the standard picture and makes it almost comparable to that of High definition TV. It focuses on improving edge detail and textual content of the picture and this combined with the other features such as the active vision unit ensures that no other TV is able to produce standard definition feeds as stunning as the REGZA.
These TVs offer excellent value for money, priced as a mid-market TV but deliver top of the range results all round as a superb sound system is also included to compliment the picture, giving an all round home entertainment Nissan Auto Electrician Near Me experience that not much else on the market can rival. The REGZA series is the epitome of why Toshiba is regarded as one of the best innovators around and why they are one of the best manufacturers in the world.
The Toshiba’s in this series vary slightly in their design depending on the screen size but a common pattern is followed and the results are excellent the TV looks good whether it is on or off.

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