Of all the light sources that are available today, there are those that have sparked a lot of interest in that, they are a unique man-made form of illumination that seem to have quite a few beneficial aspects, Maintenance Of Electrical Equipment Ppt contrary to many of man’s inventions today. Some have been known to have undesirable effects especially to nature, but there is one that is setting the pace in environmentally friendly human inventions.

Light Emitting Diode or LED as it more commonly referred to, is an electron based form of illumination that has been enhanced over time to meet many lighting needs in today’s world. The two common parameters are its uses and its benefits.


LED Lighting and design is now being adopted in many sectors of the economy and is a feature in many expressions in the home. It is common to find it in bulbs that are used in simple lamps and other light fixtures in the home. The lamps are also incorporated in certain social centers and are now characteristic of places like car parks, airports, hotels, commercial offices and even pubs.

They are also noted in vehicle industry where they are being adopted into the production of headlights and in some cities, it is being considered for use in outdoor signs like exit signs and traffic lights. Types Of Electricians And Salaries Boats, lifts and even aspects of the mining industry are finding use for this form of lighting as well. DVD players, mp3 players and televisions all use this form of lighting technology as well.


Many advantages come with this form of lighting. Industrial electricians will attest to the fact that they are a beneficial form of lighting to install, as they do not burn out suddenly as other bulbs do, but rather decrease in output over time making them an easier form of lighting to monitor. Another thing is that they are able to provide high amounts of energy when grouped together.

The light they produce is also safe in that, it does not provide UV radiation. This makes it ideal for rooms that are constantly stacked with artifacts and manuscripts, items that can easily be compromised by such forms of energy.

Another advantage it has over incandescent light is that it is powered by less energy; it switches on faster and is much smaller. All these are desirable qualities when it comes to lighting.

It is interesting to note that whereas other forms of lighting have the tendency to attract insects; LEDs are able to overcome this inconvenience. The fact that they lack the UV emissions means that they no longer draw the insects out and as such, are a great source of lighting in the food and beverage industry where insects are considered a menace.

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