Our notebook in hand we stare at a blank page. We just bought a brand new notebook and promised ourselves we would write. But now that we stare at the page we are frozen. You are not alone. Where to begin in the process is the question but the bottom line is writing something.
If you write poems then start writing poems. If you are a story writer start with a short story. Many short stories turn into feature length films. Just get writing in that new notebook and keep on writing. Don’t make excuses and write something.
If you currently have a typical responsible job that does not mean that you cannot be a writer full time someday. Nicholas Sparks never considered what the Types Of Insulator world would love his writing but as he penned he was a pharmacist (or so I am told). And Stephanie Meyer was a home-maker with three small children.
So if you feel you born to be the next author to make it big you need to be writing. Don’t talk about writing but write. If you still didn’t get it I mean you need to write. It is the only way you will have something to edit, to review and to pitch. Whether a novelist or a songwriter get your notebook out and write something down.
Read as much as you can. Most writers are avid readers. They love to read and read and read some more. It builds your vocabulary too and you gain insight and knowledge from reading. I used to think I would accidentally plagiarize something if I read too much, but reading gives you a flavor of the style you want to write. What makes a good author? What do you enjoy reading? That is typically the style you will write in.
Be a studier of life and the human condition. What affects you may be the same feeling of many. Smart people once said write what you know about. So write what you know about or Wool Is Conductor Or Insulator what you feel. Stephanie Meyer has never known a vampire, but she knew about family and incorporated that into her Twilight Saga. It may have a twist, but write what you know.
Keep the notebook close to your heart and the stories closer. Keep writing as you read and study life around you. Embrace what you know and be positive about your future. Write for you and not what you expect others will want and you will write what other people want to read by opening up you to others.

By Master