Xbox Repairs – How to Fix the Controller

Have you done an engineering degree? Strictly speaking you need not to go through any tutorial, just pick a screw driver and fix the sticky buttons of your controller. There is no reason to press the buttons with power and yell over the bed behavior of the controller. Just give thirty minutes and mend it yourself because I know what it feels when you miss a deadly shot or a goal. However for the some people might need some advices. Let’s look at them.

Don’t waste your pocket money to buy a new controller for your Xbox. Pick up a screw driver and locate the screw holes of the controller. Unscrew them and take off the top cover easily. Don’t let the screws lost, this will annoy you afterwards. Now remove the buttons as well as the rubber pads on which the buttons are placed. Take special care of the rubber pad, it can be easily torn. Now you have to wash the buttons as well as the pad nicely.

Also clean the board of the controller may be with a small blow of the blower. Or you can also use a little soapy water to clean it properly. Avoid the callous cleaners like the window cleaner or the bleach. Remember the most significant point after the clean up process is to dry it completely before re using it. It may take a day or two.

Once you are sure that the buttons and the board have dried put the button, the rubber cups and any thing that you have removed back to its place and than put the top cover back. Place the screws where they originally were and you are done with it. Remember not to wash the top cover of the cont6roller. Now you will be able to enjoy the nice and wonderful gaming experience once again. Have fun and enjoy.

By Master